Massage Therapy, Placenta Encapsulation, and Clean Beauty products.

Qi is the central principle in Chinese Medicine and translates to life force or energy flow. My hope is to use safe therapeutic services that can help individuals thrive and feel healthy and balanced without harmful or lasting side effects.

Massage Therapy

I am a licensed massage therapist in Des Moines, Iowa. My aim is to heal physical tension, muscle pain, and imbalances through massage. Each session in unique and designed to suit the individual client. I offer traditional therapeutic massage, barefoot massage, Thai yoga massage, and prenatal/postpartum massage. I use aromatherapy and stretching throughout each session. Please contact me to learn more and schedule an appointment!

Clean Beauty

I have been using Beauty Counter products for years now. After extensive research, I know they are safest products on the market in our country. Many products have lasting harmful side effects, but Beauty Counter feels amazing and the products are extremely effective! Contact me for more information or free samples, but I especially love the rose deodorant, charcoal mask, and body scrub.

Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta restores warmth lost giving birth which helps rebalance the body and restore the woman’s immune system. Lemongrass, chili, and ginger aid in adding warmth, helping with circulation, and grounding a woman after giving birth. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used the placenta for generations to help a woman after birth and especially reduce postpartum depression or anxiety and restore iron lost during the birth process while restoring the yin(warmth) and yang (cold) .

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